Friday, January 6, 2012

Mail Art Response!!!

I received my first response to the mail art I sent out in December! I selected the addresses by searching random cities in the US on Google Maps, and then using Google Streetview to 'walk' down streets until I saw a house I liked. When I received my response, I was feeling particularly downtrodden because also that day I got back 5 of the letters I'd sent, saying there was no such address (which I was somewhat expecting, since addresses on Google Maps are approximate). But lo and behold there was a letter from Mimi, of Minneapolis, Minnesota! By a happy coincidence, Mimi is an artist as well, and sent me some beautiful cards! This was exactly the kind of response I was looking for through this project. I hope someone else writes back too. I re-adressed the letters that were returned-to-sender, and they are headed  out to spice up the postal system once again. 

Here is what Mimi sent me:

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bianca said...

yay I'm so happy for you phoebe!! those cards are awesome, i love this project. i think im gonna start my own blog/tumblr/art posty thing very soon. you think blogger is good?