Sunday, January 8, 2012

wintersession assignments begin...

These two pieces are for an assignment for my RISD Wintersession class XX/XY, taught by Melissa Ferreira. The prompt for the assignment was, "What is your favorite part of being a woman, and what is your least favorite?"

I came to the conclusion that my favorite part of being a woman (it was hard to choose), is the possibility of one day being a mother.

One of my least favorites that I chose to represent, is the feeling of vulnerability when walking alone at night. The fact that it's necessary to teach girls from a very young age to be extremely cautious as they are seen as 'prey' is upsetting to me. It fuels mistrust and perpetuates so much fear of being female and 'vulnerable', unable to exercise rights as simple as walking yourself home safely. I almost never illustrate scenes that are dark or upsetting, simply because I illustrate the place I would most like to inhabit. However it was interesting and expanding to explore subjects involving sexism or violence against women, it gave me confidence in myself to try new things. The prompt overall gave me a lot to think about, I am excited for the rest of my homework!


Kat Pasco said...

If I were your teacher, you'd be getting an a+ on this assignment. I adore the sweetness, the connection between the mother and baby, the vibrant color the evokes a feeling of newness. The second piece certainly expresses vulnerability of the young girl. Lovely work!

Morgan said...

I love both of the images, but especially the second. As a young woman (and possibly because I am neurotic), I have a huge fear of being alone in the dark. In fact, just the other morning I was getting ready to leave for work (around 6am) and a car pulled up beside me. I was convinced I was about to get mugged or something, but the gentleman handed me my newspaper. I felt sheepish and really bad for assuming this guy was going to do something bad to me.