Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sketches from Erraid Island

I spent the week off-the-grid in the Hebrides, on Erraid just off the Isle of Mull. Started a new sketchbook while I was away, and had ample time to spend with it! I don't have access to a scanner at Findhorn, so the quality isn't the best.

 What my 'dream island' would look like...

Me gardening on Erraid


Emma said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I am such a fan of your work.

Katie Bee said...

Dear Ms. Phoebe Bird,
I am endlessly taken by your work. I come back to it many times in the week. You are such a talented woman.
I was wondering, what types of sketchbooks/sketchbook paper do you find most conducive to sketching in watercolor?
Again, thank you so much for sharing your breathtaking work.
-Katie Bentley

Lisa Jayne said...

Your dream island looks so beautiful, what a wonderful place to live. Your sketchbook pages are amazing, the bread dough looks so soft and billowy. Have fun in the garden (and the apron is very cute!)

Sophie - The Joy of Farming said...

I lived for a time on an island called Luing, near Oban. I envy you your travels to that part of the world, and it is such a treat to see the art you are creating while you're there. Beautiful, as always.

Claire Dobson said...

My family and I camp at Fidden on Mull each summer, we can see Erraid of course and often walk to it either over the narrows (tide permitting) or from Knockvologan. A beautiful and peaceful place. I love your drawings.

Anonymous said...

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